Things I would tell my younger self


Hey you, listen carefully!

Enjoy every day, fully take in every moment of your life. Embrace life the way it is. THIS IS YOUR LIFE, EVERY SINGLE DAY OF IT IS YOUR LIFE! Stop waiting for „better“ times, as nothing is gonna change, unless you change it yourself.

Take life the way it is and adapt to it, find a way to be happy with your life exactly the way it is RIGHT NOW! If you can’t be happy with what life is right now, you’ll never be happy, no matter the change.

Everything happens for a reason AND nothing is ever wasted in God’s economy. Sometimes we think, we learned something in vain. We wasted hours, weeks and months of our lives learning something we’ll never need again, but God has a purpose for you and your skills. Nothing we ever learned will be in vain. God will find a way for you to use it. 

Never forget: The best is yet to come! Sometimes we think, that the best moments of our lives are over. We come home from an amazing trip or awesome holidays with friends and think, that life can never get any cooler than that, but that is not true! Life is beautiful and good times will come, yes even better times.

Don’t hold on to moments, people or dreams. Let them go, when the time has come. God is only closing that door, because He has something else in mind, something that is a hundred times better than the plans you’ve made for yourself. He loves you incredibly and only wants the very best for you! So when He tells you to let go, LET IT GO! You won’t regret it. You’ll see: God is faithful and He will give you something that is totally worth the pain and heartbreak.

He knows you even better than you know yourself. Let Him rule over every aspect of your life and you’ll be always filled with peace, joy and laughter. When He is for you, who can stand against?

Stop worrying, start trusting!

Love, Me ❤

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